Why do I need to add my child in ASDetect in order to complete an assessment?

May 26, 2017 - Melinda Denham - in category Assessment Support

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ASDetect allows you to monitor your child’s social-communication development between 11 and 30 months of age, allowing you to see how your child’s behaviours and skills are developing over time. The research on which the app is based subscribes to a surveillancerather than a screening approach to early identification. In other words, ASDetect is designed to provide a ‘picture’ of your child/ren that unfolds over time, rather than being only a snapshot from a particular point in time. It might help to think of this as being like the difference between a photo and a video.

In order to monitor your child’s development, ASDetect requires you to enter your child’s name and date of birth, so that it can accurately keep track of how your child is developing as they grow older. This also makes it easier to monitor multiple children from the same family with ease. Capturing this information also allows us to:

  • communicate more effectively with you, such as by sending you reminders specific to your child’s age, and
  • communicate more effectively on your behalf, such as by having your child’s age on the Assessment Results Report which you may take to your doctor.

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