My child was assessed by ASDetect as “low likelihood” for autism, but he/she got a number of atypical results; what should I do?

May 26, 2017 - Melinda Denham - in category Assessment Support

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It is not uncommon to receive an ASDetect assessment of “low likelihood” for autism, but still receive atypical results for a number of behaviours. This is because ASDetect determines your child’s “likelihood” for autism based on whether your child is meeting very specific behavioural milestones for their age, which is based on research. As children develop at slightly different rates, not all children are displaying ALL of the behaviours in ASDetect. Furthermore, please note that ASDetect is designed to measure a child’s likelihood for autism specifically; therefore, the assessment results are not indicative of a child’s likelihood for other developmental conditions, such as developmental or language delay. If you are concerned about the types or number of behaviours your child is “rarely” doing at present, please consult your doctor (GP or Paediatrician) or Maternal and Child Health nurse.

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