How do I complete an assessment?

May 26, 2017 - Melinda Denham - in category Technical Support

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  1. Click on the ASDetect app icon on your device to open the app
  2. Click on the orange ‘GET STARTED’ button at the bottom of the home screen
  3. Click on the orange ‘+ Add Child’ button in the top right hand corner of the My Assessment screen
    • Complete the form as required.
  4. Once all information is complete, click the orange ‘ADD’ button at the bottom of the screen to finalise adding a child to ASDetect (for detailed instructions on how to add a child into ASDetect, see How do I add my child to ASDetect?).
    • The app will prompt you to confirm your child’s age. Please press ‘No’ or ‘Yes’ to answer whether the child’s age is correct
  5. You will be brought back to the My Assessments screen, where the relevant assessment for the child’s age will be highlighted; press on the icon to begin the assessment
  6. ASDetect will take you through a number of questions related to the child’s behaviour. For most questions you will find:
    • A video that provides examples of children displaying the particular behaviour, and examples of children not displaying the behaviour. Please watch the video relevant to each question prior to choosing a response.
      • For questions without a video, please carefully read the question before choosing a response.
    • An activity that you can complete with the child to determine whether they are displaying the behaviour. Instructions for the activity are located below the main question. It’s a good idea to complete these activities with the child, even if you are quite confident about your response.
    • ‘Rarely’ and ‘Mostly’ response buttons. Once you have watched the video and completed the activity, click on the response that is most reflective of the child. Choosing ‘Rarely’ indicates that the child does not display the behaviour, or if they do, it is not displayed frequently or consistently. Choosing ‘Mostly’ indicates that the child displays the behaviour frequently and consistently.
  7. Complete each question in the assessment.
    • If you would like to stop at any point throughout the assessment, please click on the ‘SAVE & CLOSE’ button in the top right hand corner. This will save your progress and allow for the assessment to be completed at a later date.
  8. Once you have completed all the questions, you will be brought to the ‘Review Answers’ page. Take the time to review the answers you have provided to each of the questions.
    • If you would like to change any of the answers, please click on the question and it will take you back to that question in the assessment. You can then choose an answer again. Note: you will not have to complete every question again, only the one that you wish to review.
    • If you are satisfied that the answers are reflective of the child, please click the red ‘VIEW RESULTS’ button at the bottom of the screen.

You will be brought to the ‘RESULTS’ screen. At the top you will find the results of the assessment; based on your answers, the child will either have a low or high likelihood of having autism, or another related condition. The ‘Next Steps’ section provides information about what will happen next.

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