ASDetect Evaluation Study


Help us improve ASDetect

We’re currently seeking parents/caregivers of young children for our research study looking at how ASDetect identifies early signs of Autism.

You can participate if:

  • You are a parent/caregiver for at least one child aged between 11 and 30 months old
  • You have an active email account
  • You have a mobile or tablet device (Android or iOS).

 What is involved in the study?

  1. You’ll fill out a brief form with some information about yourself and your child.
    Please note: it’s important to fill the form out first, before you download the app, otherwise we won’t know that you are part of the study.
  2. You’ll receive an email and an SMS with a link to download ASDetect, and then answer questions in the app about your child’s social attention and communication behaviours.
  3. Each assessment takes about 20 minutes, produces an on-screen result and is followed by a detailed results email.
  4. Depending on how old your child is, you might be asked to complete another one or two in-app assessments 6 and/or 12 months after the first.
  5. A research team member may also invite you to participate in the second voluntary phase of the study.

Any questions? Please contact our researchers

School of Psychology and Public Health, La Trobe University

Dr Josephine Barbaro

Prof. Cheryl Dissanayake

03 9479 1283

This study is funded by a La Trobe University Research Focus Area grant and has been approved by La Trobe University’s Human Ethics Committee No. HEC 17-022.